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A million no’s will never carry more weight than the one “yes” you tell yourself — Alexis Branch


In her edgy and exciting state, joined by an impeccable falsetto, glossy style, hypnotic movement and people appeal, to define the entertainment industry’s newest R&B diva. She is the definition of persistence, hard work, a genuine soul and undying faith.

Alexis Branch has arrived.

Alexis Branch, affectionately known as “Lex” is the newest R&B entertainer to hit the scene, but she is FAR from new to the industry. Originally from Chesterfield VA and now in Atlanta, Georgia. Internationally known, Lex picks up the torch and continues to blaze the trail previously travelled by insanely successful entertainers including Aaliyah and Janet Jackson.

Alexis’s music career started in Virginia at the mere age of 8 years old when she created a singing group by the name of BLISS. The group was managed by her father Gregory "Mr. G" Branch, and later moved to ATL, GA to secure further opportunities. After a successful run with BLISS to include appearances on MTV, BET, and two successful overseas tours to both the UK and Barbados, Alexis decided to step out on faith in 2016 to pursue her career further as a solo artist.

In June of 2016, Alexis teamed up with super producer and Love & Hip Hop super star Steven Jordan, affectionately known as “Stevie J”, to become the first female artist under his management company, Danger Zone Entertainment.

Together they created her first solo single entitled “Let You Go” produced by Stevie J and written by Lex.

She was casted for VH1's hit show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season 6 while simultaneously being casted for the spin off "Leave It To Stevie. Alexis made her television debut on “Leave it to Stevie” showcasing her new solo journey as Stevie J’s artist. “Let You Go” was also released on VH1 along with a performance of the sexy, sultry new single.

Alexis has since separated from Danger Zone while maintaining her growing success.  She released her debut EP "Rhythm & Blue" under Walnut Hill Productions with singles to include "Let you Go" and "SWV" which pays tribute to one of her favorite groups. She's preparing to release the video as well as gearing up for a promotional tour.

She quotes, "A million no's will never carry more weight than the one "yes" you tell yourself.” With years of dedication to her craft, she is living proof that hard work and dedication goes a long way.

Your ears deserve happiness and your soul needs joy. Your eyes need beauty and your body wants to move. Explore the world of Lex and each of these things will be in your midst. The stage is set and the ante is up. Alexis Branch is here to leave her mark. If you were sleeping, its time to wake up.


3.23.17 | Promo photoshoot | photos by @usfjrain

2/28/17 | iheart radio | Atlanta, GA 

Alexis & Stevie J discuss signing to Danger Zone, Aaliyah comparisons and reality TV with DJ Scream and ET Cali on iHeart RADIO's 92.3 & 96.7 The Beat. 

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